Complete the Grant Application

Please review the information below before completing the application. We recommend that you gather all the information you need before starting the application form. Once you are ready, please complete the online grant application (link to be added).

As you complete your application, please ensure you included:

  • 501c3 – see FAQ with examples
  • Project budget (10 pages or less preferred) – see FAQ for what we are looking for in the project budget
  • Request does NOT include salaries
  • Request is for a project in Latah county (or portion of my project that is in Latah county)

Grant Criteria

The Foundation will award grants in the support of organizations and programs that improve the quality of life in Latah County. Grants will be made to fund activities, services and projects of organizations that are established as well as to provide assistance for new organizations to fill unmet and/or emerging community needs. We encourage you to contact us for more information.The Board of Directors may periodically identify areas of emphasis in the Foundation’s grant making. The Foundation’s interest in addressing these needs will not lessen its concern for established institutions and traditional on-going emphasis. Therefore, the Foundation’s periodic emphasis on an identified community need will not exclude funding for other programs.

Grant Size

The Foundation will consider grants applications up to $3,000. In some cases, a match from other sources may be required. (To apply, see Grant Application Guidelines).We provide three main types of funding:

1. Project or Program support for new or existing programs.

2. Capacity Building Support for projects designed to improve an organization’s capacity to serve its constituents.

3. Operating Support for start-up or existing organizations, when the Foundation is convinced that such funding for a limited period of time can make a difference.

The Foundation is not a source of annual operating support and consequently cannot pay employee wages or salaries.

Process and Notification

Applications will be reviewed and voted on by the LCCF board of Directors. Recipients and non-recipients will normally be notified of the decision of the Board of Directors within sixty (60) days of the grant application deadline.


Grants are on a semi-annual cycle and awarded in May and December. Closing dates for applications are April 19, 2021 (spring) and October 18, 2021 (fall). Applications must be postmarked and emailed by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date. All applications must be mailed to our Moscow Post Office Box and submitted electronically (see Contact page)


All grant applications must include the following information:

1. Signed Grant Application Summary Form

2. A Proposal Narrative as outlined in the application information

3. All attachments as outlined in the application information

4. The grant application shall be limited to four (4) pages plus your current IRS determiation letter and the one page budget.

5. All applications must be sbmitted electronically to our website (latahcountycommunityfoundation(at) Electronic submissions must be in the form of .pdf files containing the above information. See application information for more details.

6. In addition to the electronic application, one (1) printed copy must be mailed to our Post Office address. This printed copy must also meet the above requirements.

Any applications that do not meet the above requirements will be rejected in the initial screening without further consideration.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for funding an applicant must:

1. Be a public charity with current, active tax-exempt status, including school districts and municipalities or be a public entity under IRS Code Section 170 or 2055. Applications may not come from citizens for a charity, but must come from the charity itself. Applications from unincorporated groups and associations will be considered only if another tax-exempt charitable group is willing to serve as their sponsor. Please contact the program staff for more information.

2. Be operated and organized so as to provide that the use of funds will be for a public charitable purpose.

What kind of grants are not made?

The Foundation does not make grants for:

• On-going operating support (including wages or salaries)
• Fees for consultants
• Debt retirement
• Direct Lobbying activities
• Endowments
• Individuals
• Private or parochial education
• Sectarian religious purposes
• Research

The Foundation does not pay direct or indirect overhead or F&A (Facilites and Administration costs).